Must for 2015 – Real Lies

Back at the end of August, Velvet featured Real Lies as a Welcoming Alert, and with the current craze surrounding the band for next year, it would be foolish not to place them on our own list for 2015.Lets make one thing clear, Real Lies are not a London band. I mean they are geographically, but they themselves don’t confer to the title of being a ‘London band’. They’re not arrogant indies, who think the London scene is beneath them. Instead they don’t relate to the current scene, so they place themselves away from it, and rightly so. Their brand of pre and post-house electronica, is refreshing and the current electronic/house scene the rejuvenation that it needs.

Re-issuing one of their oldest tracks, World Peace is currently doing the rounds on BBC Radio 1 with it’s brand of 90’s house rhythms, melting together with the fusion of today’s modern electronica. Making for the most intrusive explosion of electronica since James Blake in 2010.

Now just to clarify, Real Lies aren’t like James Blake in the slightest (though you will likely love them if you love James). Upbeat melodies and paralleled vocalisation create a plane of their own for Real Lies. First single Deeper bides a closer relation to the likes of Stay Positive and Memoryhouse (with a focus on the million young remix of To The Lighthouse), as indisputable catchy rhythms seize control, changing pace from the occasional high-rise in synth, to the outburst of shimmering noises and drum crashes.

North Circular is arguably Real Lies best work though, as an ode to New Order with a closer resonance to the Blue Monday hit. Although less immediate, North Circular’s dispute on local living (particular of the north circular), then in time with ever growing, two step beats, and atmospheric synth tones, North Circular is without a doubt one of the greatest tracks of the decade so far.

Partnered with the equally stunning Dab Housing; primed with howling guitar tones (truly apparent for the first time) that ride along grooving bass tones and hollowed manufactured beats, the North Circular/Dab Housing record had begun Radio 1’s infatuation with the ‘not London’ group.

So hunt down they’re previous releases, repeat the videos on YouTube endlessly, and then keep repeating.

Real Lies are set to release their debut album (yet untitled) in March (possibly April), next year.

  • What can I expect?

A re-branding of neo-wave pop music, that borrows the 90’s dance/house scene, implemented with modern electronica.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Their debut LP (yet untitled) is due for release sometime in March/April. World Peace is receiving a reissue also, set for a release in January.

  • Where can I find their music?

Everything is on YouTube, so there preferably.

  • Will I like them?

Zane Lowe absolutely loves them, as do Radio 1, myself, so why wouldn’t you?

 For fans of: New Order/Stay Positive/Breton/James Blake

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