Must for 2015 – Slaves

They got so hyped up, EMI had to snatch them.Two years in the making (a recurring theme in some of the other 2015 bands), Slaves have emerged out of thin air.

Grabbing a recent series of dates with Blood Red Shoes, Drenge tied together with Dz Deathrays, duos seem to make the best music partners (applause for that). Now just finishing touring with Jamie T the boys have come back with their latest single The Hunter, and it’s as distant, yet familiar to anything Slaves have made before.slaves
The closest relation you’ll find to Slaves early work, is to the spoken breakdown on Beauty Quest, with Isaac’s spoken style a constant here. The usual dirty riffs grit their teeth on The Hunter, as the closest we get to the madness of Where’s You Car or Girl Fight, comes from Isaac’s yells rather than Laurie’s guitar screams. It should be noted though, that you can’t expect a band to keep making the same stuff over and over, even Slaves are quite well trained in this successfully.

On their older work from their mini LP, Sugar Coated Bitter Truth, a recurring theme of obnoxious yells, teamed with repeated riffs, as low as possible on a six string, but it’s tracks Where’s Your Car Debbie (not on the mini LP), Girl Fight, White Nuckle Ride and Nervous Energy that told the world (or at least Kent), that this duo have some wits about them.

They’re unrivalled ‘cockney’ twang in their lyrics resonates onto any size stage, from a basement to The Pit stage at Reading/Leeds festival. The North/south divide isn’t a problem to Slaves, they let their clenched fists and humorous stage presence do the talking.

They might be leaning towards their peers Blood Red Shoes with their new work, borrowing some ‘chilled out’ grunge vibes on The Hunter, but if previous single Hey says anything, they haven’t lost their aggressive, cheeky spark.


  • What can I expect?

Punk that has a sense of humour, so really, it becomes more punk in doing so. Next level punk.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Their debut LP is expected to drop in early 2015, so keep on the lookout and grab a pre order as soon as they’re available.

  • Where can I find their music?

The usual spots, but they’re debut mini LP, Sugar Coated Bitter Truth is still available on their bandcamp, but alas, it’s only a download.

  • Will I like them?

From their antics on stage, to their lovely personality’s and the fact that they sound rather good on record and live, it’s safe to say you’ll fall in love with Slaves.

For fans of: Drenge, Girlband, Pissed Jeans.

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