In light of the Darren Wilson case I will not be uploading today as I had planned, as an on set ‘rage’ has taken over, and I would deem it severely inappropriate to myself and Velvet to post on such a historically dark day.

I encourage the peaceful protesting that the black people of Ferguson and other parts of the US are demonstrating and scold the American justice system, and its police force especially in light of the, no fly zone blocking media coverage.

You may block one aspect of the media, but we are in 2.0. Word will get out. Videos will show protesters being peaceful not looting. Looters are not a direct link to the cause. They are opportunists.

Eventually, and I do not know when. Black people will have the same mandatory rights, economically, politically, socially and psychologically as white people.
I can only hope it will be sooner rather than later.

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