Makee – Makee

Translucent psych, manipulated by shoegaze and modern electronica.

Released back in November (the 19th to be exact), the debut self titled EP from Makee, provided a quirky, post-modern take on psychedelic’s traditional values. Fused together with the ambience of modern day chill wave and electronica, Makee’s work has created submersible, illusive psych that reflects the bright eyed enjoyment, of an Australian spring. (Much needed for the northern hemisphere right now).

Beginning with the pouncing rhythm of Bail, electronic shimmers, glistening on an intergalactic highway, dance in unison with added trickles of synthesisers, brought in by delicate guitar strums. The ambience beckons to the call of early Washed Out, before being startled by the baron wasteland of Stez. Inspirations from the outback, load Stez with the paranoia and magic of the deserted plains, as mysterious electronics, amplify the isolation found in the repeated guitar chords. Across this four minute plus track, complete awareness is essential, as immersion in Stez will provide a true understanding into the majestic appeal, of the lonely wanderer.

This journey of self discovery is rather short lived, as the continual theme of uplifting rhythms and grooves, breezes onto Tone and EP closer, Bord.

Where as Tone plays on ‘fast’ moving guitars and the ever growing, chillwave ambience of Makee; Bord plays the long haul, (as the EP’s longest track), with a justified, slow progression into an ever expanding space of electronic fusion, met by the epiphany seeking “woh ooh’s”.

A tranquil ending to Makee, but Wake is the strongest track arguably, with a close relation to Patterns, on their more lucid tracks. Floating in an atmosphere of purple gas, Wake pieces itself effortlessly upon simple chords, echoed beats and unaltered atmospherics, for a senselessly chilled out piece of chillwave, psych pop, that could easily be vamped up on a remix, for the constant movers.

Across these 21 minutes, it’s near impossible to not feel transported to an altered state of mind. Everything evaporates around you, as the ambience of 2010 produces the nostalgia needed for the epiphany that Makee provides its listeners. Stez provides the isolating backing to the long, arugess journey that one wandering the land of Australia’s outback would face. The joy felt from Wake and Bail however, are unrivalled, as it becomes more pleasing each time, to allow these two tracks to fully immerse themselves upon your world, just as it would be to reach the sparkling bay of Sydney.



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