Naked (on drugs) – Single Fish Sight

Remember that odd video with the bananas? Well that was Naked (on drugs) and they’re back with further cryptic, cultish music, in the form of Single Fish Sight (just making the end of year list also!). With Naked (on drugs), the focus is never on the lyrics, rather the bizarre attire of screeching instruments.Leaning towards the ancient Egyptian’s (by Hollywood sound recognition), Single Fish Sight focuses on the band’s bizarre concoctions of synth manipulated guitars and howling  brass/wind elements, as an undertone of deadly quiet brass formations, leads the track to sound more like ritual music, rather than something from the depths of Sway Records mysterious vaults. As always with this band, attempting to understand the lyrics may cause sudden paranoia and schizophrenia. So don’t listen to intently, and stay clear from the mental manipulation of Naked (on drugs) (can’t forget the drugs).

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