Must for 2015 – Dracula Legs

Dracula Legs scored a Welcoming… post with Velvet earlier this year, and now they’re making way for 2015 with their blue’s styled punk.

Dracula Legs stem from the mighty lakes of Canada, the Welsh mountains and Essex, but their country influenced, blues punk sounds more like if California had a fight with Tennessee. Their debut single Heartburn Destination (released through Too Pure Singles) received immediate attention back in April, for its unusual collaboration of punk rock and country/blues influences. On the B-side Cold Licks, fast paced rock n roll from The Men flows rapidly in momentous riffs and hooks that could blow the roof of any festival tent.

On their latest single with Two Piece records, the vocals have found a matured execution, with a favourable nod to the style of Black English’s Bradley Hanan Carter. A revived demo, A-side Sand To The Beach, focused upon the formula of indie rock hits, with swooping choruses that lend a hand to both the singers and the moshers. The influences of California beach rock, slacker rock scene are an apparent influence, just as the English 00’s indie scene is.

Similarly to their debut single, the B-side on their Two Piece release, Death Of Age, the energy is immediately more apparent, with howling riffs melting into falling basses that ring a certain remnants to Essex’s The Computers.

Now with a ‘Christmas’ single out named Party at Ed’s, showing their softer toned side, (that quickly becomes savaged by Kings Of Leon hooks) the transatlantic band are set to make 2015 the year that Dracula Leg become potential big hitters.

  • What can I expect?

If country music moved to the sea, met some punks, put on a studded jacket and then combined the elements, you’d get Dracula Legs

  • When will they release new stuff?

They’ve got a couple of releases available at the moment, so check your local record store to see if they’ve got either. Expect releases in the Spring

  • Where can I find their music?

Soundcloud, bandcamp, but it’s all the same stuff, so which ever one you love the most. Bandcamp has the vinyl orders though…

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: The Men, Radkey, Bass Drum of Death, The Amazing Snakeheads

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