Must for 2015 – Bernard + Edith

It’s almost becoming a tradition for emerging Manchester artists, to sign up to Bella Union, to then be unleashed into the stratosphere. New comers to Bella Union, Bernard + Edith are the latest arrival to the Bella+Sways partnership.

You may have found that mystic, cult themed music, is slightly dry and bland. You mustn’t have heard of Bernard+Edith if that’s the case. Formed in late 2012, Greta ‘Edith’ Caroll and Nick ‘Bernard’ Delap play with mystic rituals of synths, that provide a glimmer of cult-pop grooves, followed by a systematic, interpretive dance of the art of illusion.

Bernard+Edith are not a pair to confuse with the lo-fi/indie crowd followers. They may look at first glance as a duo who address the commodity of ‘indieness’, (with hazed photos and random plants dotted about), but rather than following these attributes, Bernard+Edith create a guise that plays around with misguiding foolery.

On their debut single for Sways Records, (back at the beginning of 2014), a hypnotic wave of bass, distant chimes, and throbbing synth loops, in synch with the epileptic triggering of the accompanying video, created a rave sequence, that felt alien to both dance-floor shufflers and wall hanging chillers. Across their debut EP (Poppy EP), bizarre ambience, surrounded by psychic energy, produced a charmingly alluring, pop influenced debut.

Now on their debut single for Bella Union, (titled Wurds), Bernard+Ediths’ confusing ritual styled pop continues, with a less immediate pace in energy, as Wurds focuses upon ambient benevolence, rather than abrupt, rave worthy,  pop melodies of Poppy.

Moving into 2015 with two stunning singles, and transferring from the outstanding cult label Sways, to the beautiful Bella Union, Bernard+Edith have the accreditation of several music leaders to take 2015 into their own hands.

  • What can I expect?

A ritual immersed in fog and green swamps, as well as cult themed electronica.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Wurds is out now with B-side Bamboo. Expect a couple of months for something new though.

  • Where can I find their music?

Bizarre visual representations are on YouTube, everything else is on Soundcloud

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: Zola Jesus, Doldrums, Hockeysmith

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