Must for 2015 – Deers

It’s rather unusual not seeing these girls higher up on people’s lists. With their fresh take on indie, 2015 is going to be the year of the Spanish invasion.For those unacquainted with Deers, there’s a few things you should know:

  1. Ana Garcia Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen are Deers.
  2. Their brand of light lo-fi, garage, indie pop is influenced by a shared theme. Cheating boyfriends.
  3. Madrid is their hometown, and Spain is one of the biggest influences in their music.
  4. They’re also extremely charming in person.

The joining over cheating boyfriends, might sound like the horrible stigma that has stuck for some with all girl groups, Deer however, utilise this common ground, rather to celebrate their love for everything else, especially one another, (rather than being pissed off at some low life).

On their debut tracks, Trippy Gum and Bamboo, you’re met with the shared experience of love for others and each other. Trippy Gum is a blurred and glazed over as imaginable for a lo-fi track, yet attaining a hidden charm, that unravels once the inescapable chorus of ooh’s appear in tune with delicate crashes and Beach Boy guitar hooks. It’s hazy, a challenge to decipher the actual lyrics, but it captures the light hearted joy that is Deers.

Bamboo’s contrast to Trippy Gum isn’t just apparent in the understandable lyrics and opening bass riff, but rather the lyrical focus on semi-love related themes. Unlike a traditional love themed song, Deers user their lo-fi gaze to remove the slow head sways, with grooves that perpetuate late night dancing around a nearly out fire.

The constant clash between love and fun is a unique concept to face, especially as all of Deers music is impossible catchy, fueled with about as much fun as their set was duringĀ Gold Sounds Festival in Leeds back in November (which is a lot by the way).

On their most recent two tracks, off their Barn single, further contrasts between lo-fi garage and traditional pop styles are apparent, with their first Spanish titled song from Castigadas en el granero (Grounded In The Barn), as well as Between Cans, opening with what sounds like Christmas bells, but is rather, just merry guitar chimes.

Put basically, it’s impossible to not enjoy listening to Deers, or watching them, or even being near them. That might sound weird, but Deers give off an unmet aura of endless fun and life, that with some bands in recent circulation, seems to die down much quicker than you’d expect. These Spanish sweethearts might have only been around for a year, but it’s impossible to see them disappearing any time soon, especially since they’ve already teamed up with The Vaccines on a track. Anyone for a Deers x Vaccines collaboration next year?

  • What can I expect?

Thrilling indie pop, that has the charm and beauty of Spain.

  • When will they release new stuff?

With a few singles to date, expect an EP next, with album plans later in the year.

  • Where can I find their music?

Meander on Soundcloud for pretty much everything.

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: Pins, Superfood, Honeyblood, Carnival Youth, The Beach Boys.

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