Must for 2015 – Girl Band

Topping Velvet’s list this year, is Ireland’s finest export since River Dancing and Guinness. Avoiding the stereotypes for a second, Girl Band exploded in 2014, and they’re about ready for round two in 2015.

The line up of Girl Band consists of Dara Kiely (vocals), Alan Duggan (guitar), Daniel Fox (bass) and Adam Faulkner (drums). Since the founding of Girl Band back in 2011, they’ve taken their time between each releases. But these Dublin experimental rockers, aren’t ones to mess about when it comes to getting music out in the most creative way possible. They’ve had flexidiscs in wooden cases, two sets of sleeves for a record, even a traditional paper package, wrapped in string. The focus of attention to their artwork and products overall appearance, isn’t the only fascinating feature about Girl Band, they’re also rather intuitive musicians.

Now if you wanted to be drab, dull and obvious, you’d relate Girl Band only to experimental artists, or heavy rock musicians, such as . If you focus in however, (and also listen to the band), the electronica influences become more and more apparent.

This isn’t metal, tripped with splashes of attainable indie and bugged out electronics. This is a whole new concept. Think if Fugazi, Crystal Castles and Liars joined to form a mega group (a weird one at that), you’d most likely get Girl Band as the outcome.

On their debut single, In My Head, a fusion of heavy electronica and Bloc Party’s cool, created two minutes of wailing guitars and then Dara’s equally crazed wailing. Since In My Head, a formula of wailing everything seems to be the premise for a Girl Band track. Each release has expanded upon this formula, with more complex riffs, verse and chorus arrangements and much more.

The life of Girl Band is effortless and will always be a constant. They can change rapidly from the eased pace of I Love You (the B-side to De Bom Bom and a cover of Beat Happening), to exploding violently and meticulously on The Cha Cha or Heckle the frames.

Their greatest change though, comes from a cover of Blawan’s ‘Why they hide their bodies under my garage?’, where psychotic, screeching transformed this dark electronica track, into a parasitic nightmare, that feels much more like a dream, hailed in mechanical concoctions, ready to burst and desecrate anything in its path.

Advancing from the eight minute wonder, attention grabbing singles Lawman and De Bom Bom have created the final step in the plan of Girl Band. Lawman focuses upon deeper than the pacific bass hooks, corrupted by an electrical error, creating unique, artificial noise core within the first twenty or so seconds, while De Bom Bom is a constant burst of energy, that seizes its opportunities to explode and roar magnificently.

With a larger list of releases than most bands see until their third LP, Girl Band’s experimental, heavy electronica rock, is tried and tested, with infallible results. 2015 isn’t just the year of Girl Band. It’s the beginning of an era. Think MUSE on their debut Showbiz. Lets just hope they don’t try to write music about the year 2,395, (or do because it’d most likely be insane).

  • What can I expect?

The most stunningly creative, noise rock, experimental, whatever you want to call it, you’ve heard in a long time.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Their debut album is expected around Spring time, so keep looking out (or wait for Velvet to announce it).

  • Where can I find their music?

Bandcamp is your best friend for this, it’s got everything they’ve ever released.

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: TRAAMS, Fugazi, Crystal Castles, experimental and heavier electronica.

Girl Band play Kasbah Social Club on New Years Eve in Limerick, so if you’re near,or even if you’re not at all, make sure you get a ticket.

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