10 Releases to start 2015

So it’s that time of year again, where new albums and EPs are just beginning to show up in your local record store. So in the run up to the first wave of new year releases, here on Velvet, we’ve found 10 releases that should get you pumped up for the new year (because we’re pretty psyched for them):

1. Acab Rocky – Untitled

This Canadian group, rocked their way into the top 20 of our end of year album list, with their incredible debut LP Sara. Now, they’re moving on to LP 2 in 2015, and rest assured, it sounds equally brilliant so far. With a focus on ambient toning and lo-fi elements; (influenced by Sam Well’s solo work), this yet untitled LP is expected to smooth out the raw, folk rock style of Sara, for a polished, post punk influenced release. Expect a release date very soon. For the mean time, re-listen to Sara.

2. Girl Band – Untitled

The Dublin rockers debut is yet to have a release date announced, but that isn’t halting the excitement for this LP on Velvet. Loaded with hit tracks Lawman, De Bom Bom, In My Head, You’re A Dog and fingers crossed, the amazing Sexy Wife from their KEXP session in Iceland back in November. Girl Band’s debut is without a doubt, set to be one of the most exciting release of 2015.

3. Cheatahs – Sunne EP

With less harsh buzzes and more smooth motions, Cheatahs first release since their debut LP  is set to be released in February. From the softened swarm of shoegaze, from Sunne’s first single Controller (which we forget to showcase on here [sorry about that!]),  Sunne is sure to be loaded with the transatlantic beauty, of their self titled debut from early 2014. It’s out February 23rd.

4. Menace Beach – Ratworld

80 ‘s and 90’s Kids seem to love making lo-fi and we love it. More so the lo-fi fuzz of Menace Beach, who melt together a string of modern pop styles, resonant of the likes of Ballet School, Veronica Falls and then the scuzz of Spring King. If you listened to September Girls debut last year, Ratworld will be a definite need for the beginning of your year (specifically January 19th).

5. Crushed Beaks – Scatter

The only way to describe Crushed Beaks, would be to describe them as the product of William Doyle (East India Youth) and Babatunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio). The intricate style of East India Youth, spores onto each track before exploding into the drama loaded, high velocity style of Wolf Like Me, especially on Rising Sign, the lead single from Scatter. Out February 9th, Scatter is a definite for experimental noise pop fans.

6. All We Are – All We Are

There’s no doubt you’ll of heard I Wear You last year. The Liverpudlians blend of psychedelia, with the groove of upbeat funk, sets them aside as an obvious must hear band for 2015. While they may not have made our list, All We Are’s self titled debut, will easily be loading critics with pleasurable bass lines and irresistible choruses. It’s out on February 5th.

7. Hanni El Khatib – Moonlight

Personally, Hanni El Khatib’s second LP was a slight let down. From his debut LP, Will The Guns Come Out, a bar was set higher than the number of advertisers that wanted to use his songs. On LP number 3, Khatib’s progression is clear, but LP number 1 is still lingering. Fingers crossed Khatib breaks away from his eponymous debut with Moonlight, out on the 20th of January, (so hold onto your last few bits of holiday money if you have any left).

8. Boxed In – Boxed In

Loaded with the imagination of James Blake and East India Youth, but livened up from the pop prowess of Ballet School; Boxed In’s (Oli Bayston) combination of 80’s pop and minimalistic neo-electronica, is going to be a necessity come January (the 19th). Backed by tracks Foot Of The Hill and All Your Love Is Gone, this debut is set to potentially become huge.

9. Habitats – Diamond Days EP

The Basingstoke group are an absolute must for those looking for new bands, especially for fans of tropical pop and rapid groove beats. Their debut single Diamond Days quite literally erupts with the energy of mid 00’s Indie, loaded with the quizzical confusion of early math rock, then topped with the prowess of current indie rock favourites, Circa Waves. Diamond Days EP is out February 9th, and with the likes of Diamond Days and Peace Of Mind, there won’t be a dull moment on this debut.

10. Alex Calder – Strange Dreams

The only negative point we have about Strange Dreams, is that the limited LP version is expensive to import to the UK. Rant over, Strange Dreams is Calder’s second LP, containing the bliss of Merchandise, as well as the joy and loose fitting comfort of Heavenly Beat. The title track single falls someone in between Mac Demarco, Craft Spells and other Captured Tracks artists. You get the jist. It’s a Captured Tracks release, so it’s going to pretty much be great. It’s out January 20th just so you know as well.

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