Waxahatchee – Air

Now on her third LP titled Ivy Tripp; Waxahatchee (Katie Crutchfield) welcomes in 2015 with the new single Air.

As expected as the Moon is to orbit the Earth, Air is layered with sombre lyrics and equally placid rhythms, with the only harsh encounter coming from the occasional smash of the drums. Waxahatchee’s attention to layering the sound on Air however, is the true signifier, in showing how the Alabama based and named group, are progressing with their alternative take on indie folk. Riffs are recycled and repeated, as new riffs are pieced together with hushed synth tones, drawing the attention to the final layer of Crutchfield’s vocals, which resonate attention grabbing lullabies. While Crutchfield’s lyrics may not be as calming and caring as her vocals: “When I’m gone at least I won’t be thinking”, Air is undoubtedly smooth and calming; an instantly recognisable Waxahatchee track.

Ivy Tripp is out April 6th in the UK and EU, through Wichita Records, and the 7th for the US, through Merge Records.

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