ACAB Rocky – Matches (Première)

So this marks a very special day for Velvet Independent. Our very first, exclusive première, from the wonderful ACAB Rocky, with their latest single Matches.

acab rocky

Taken from their upcoming EP Truce, (that’s the artwork above) being released through Hacktivism Records in early February, Matches is worlds apart from their 2014 LP Sara, with a key focus upon lo-fi sounds, rather than the alt-folk, emo style of their debut LP. Where Sara focused upon obviously bleak settings, Matches is ignited with the passion of early 00’s alt rock slow burners, as a steady introduction of acoustic tones, layered together with the occasional power chord, pieces a slight reminiscence of Bloc Party’s calmer tracks.

Although the capacity for ACAB’s emo influences is always apparent: the plethora of guitars on Matches act as a subtle disposition between their original style and their newly practised lofi sound. Instead of favouring heavy chords, struck repeatedly and brutally; Matches favours more intricate riffs, that balance together perfectly with Sam’s softer vocals. Don’t let this façade of a softer, friendlier lo-fi sound be your premise for understanding ACAB however.

While the high sprung life found in Matches may be serendipitous in the form of the instrumentation, the lyrics are of a less pleasing nature at times: “I’ll hold myself until I’m in my grave”. However, with a rousing chorus that can easily fill the smaller (better) festival tents, with energetic moshers; Matches will be an assured Summer anthem for those lucky enough to experience it.

As for the rest of the EP, you’d be a considerable fool, to not grab yourself a copy once it’s out in February. Trust us.

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