Never Young – Like A Version

Noisecore takes a turn towards the future, with Never Young’s latest track, Like A Version (heard for the very first time… on velvet).Now all terrible puns aside, the low down on Never Young. They’re a California group, made up of Christopher Adams, Nikolas Soelter, Samuelito Cruz and Niko Escudero from the Bay Area (do with that what you will). Their debut mini LP, Master Copy came out last year, so now the only acceptable thing to do is to release a self titled EP. Like A Version is the debut track (and the opener) taken off their new EP, with a less than recognisable opener for a group of noisecore rockers. Fusing together synthetically created panpipes that sound familiar to TEED, with 90’s fighting game samples; Like A Version takes a minor detour, before the reminiscence of a digitally charged opener, fades under the raw punk fuel felt from Bad Breeding. While the remaining three minutes of Like A Version, hones in on the California rockers punk/noisecore basis, the assimilation of electronica’s tangible rhythms remains apparent throughout. Should Never Young continue upon this path of ‘noise-tronica’, it’ll become near impossible to ignore them.

Never Young’s self titled EP is out March 10th through Father/Daughter Records, on a very limited run (500) of one sided 12″, with custom etchings featured on the flip side, so make sure you grab one.

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