Max and the Moon – Modern Love

What could be more revitalising than pop music? Pop music from the sun filled shores of LA of course, but specifically from Chino hills group, Max and the Moon.

Whether it’s a blessing or a curse to produce a formulaic pop song, is still to be fought over. That hasn’t halted this LA group from creating some incredibly radio friendly pop music, especially on Modern Love. Max and the Moon basically piece together indie elements towards their pop as any indie/pop band do. However in this case, slight rises to the intelligence of math-rock, mixed together with the dark-pop of Hurts, (when installed together with their bright eyed, radio pop beats) creates light blending of the guitar tones, covered in dream pop synths, bringing a familiar sound to that of Wolf Gang, although the extremism of Wolf Gang isn’t felt nor needed on Modern Love. Similarly to one of Velvet’s Must for 2015 acts, Gengahr, a focus on fusing the, (at times) ‘unusually’ high vocals with rising choruses, and the occasional dip in vocal pitching, has created a song that sounds as if it conforms, but instead becomes more and more intriguing and alluring after each listen. Keep this one on repeat and you’ll fall in love in less than half an hour.

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