Ezra Furman – Restless Year

Ezra who? If you’ve never heard of the magic that comes from Ezra Furman, prepare yourself, because Bella Union have just snapped him up.Back in 2013, Furman’s album Day Of The Dog, displayed his unique blending of multiple genres, across a span of decades, ranging from jazz influences, to classic rock and early punk. Now on Restless Year, Furman continues this genre blending for a clash of The Beach Boys, The Ramones and Jefferson Airplane. Amassing less than two and a half minutes, the variation in genres aren’t forced into such a small time frame (amazingly for new Furman fans), as each style effortlessly transcends into the next genre. Ranging from sliding bass and guitar riffs, to sunny synthesisers and growling punk tones, Reckless Year is another display of Furman’s awe-inspiring work.

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