Idea The Artist – I Just Love You

Taken from the second album The Seafloor, I Just Love You is a calamitous piece that hides behind beautifully layered, warm tones.On I Just Love You, Idea The Artist (a project of Inés Beltranena) balance together Beltranena’s soaring vocals, with a slew of instruments, ranging from pianos to violins and drums. Beltranena’s demeanour portrays a highly strung, broken being, telling the historic tale, of being unable to let go of someone you loved. While Beltranena’s vocals fight between the strength projected from her voice and the inner turmoil found within her lyrics, the layering of the instrumentation provides a counter opposite, for the sombre feeling found within the tracks lyrics. Warm gentle tones, mixed together with bass grooves, altered drum crashes, and occasional orchestral infiltrations, leaves I Just Love You, just as Beltranena had planned. Torn between the heart ache of the lyrics and the glazed over, sun’s still shining joy of the instrumentation.

The Seafloor is out March 24th.

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