Max and the Moon – Harps

With the sun finally beginning to warm up the northern hemisphere, it’s only right that pop music is becoming brighter and more energetic to match this and Max and the Moon are providing the goods, with their latest track Harps.

From the familiarity to rising synth stars Prides in the overall sound on Harps, you wouldn’t be slated for assuming Max and the Moon are the latest edition to Scotland’s electronica/pop scene. In real life however, the sun of LA ignites the passion felt throughout this near four minute wonder, as repeated synth and drum beats, structured around the delicately executed vocals and momentous piano tones, lead to explosive choruses, where synth riffs transform from bright shimmering beats, into shooting stars in mere seconds. Matching Manchester rockers The 1975 with their bright eyed pop-rock, Max and the Moon are in the midst of a new phase of LA pop, that could surely dominate radio space everywhere, with the likes of Harps and earlier release, Modern Love.

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