Jupiter-C – Locust

Taken from their upcoming single The Process, the B-side Locust projects the sort of post-apocalyptic corruption you’d expect from the biggest blockbuster hits soundtrack.

Hectic, no time left productions has always been in the midst for Jupiter-C. Their previous tracks, Holiday and Terminal, shared equally slow paces, both focusing upon the eerie collection of ambient drones, mixed together with dystopic electronic tones and Ashiya’s hollow vocals. Now on Locust, these ambient drones have turned into psychotic killing machines, that roam the planes in search of the last survivors, Jupiter-C. Harsh buzzes of electronic eruptions open up the chorus into a world of pure fear, submerged in toxic recurring beats and Ashiya’s twisted, elongated vocals. By the end of Locust, you can’t help but feel that the world has suddenly become a darker place, entrapped in a system of inescapable torment.

Jupiter-C’s The Process, alongside Locust, will be released both on Bandcamp for digital fans, and as an extremely limited cassette release, through Ramber Records on April 13th.

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