Thomas Moore – I Wouldn’t Change For You

Now on his own since the ending of The Plastic Dots, Thomas Moore’s take on the psychedelic rock that his previous bands attempted, comes across as more polished, attainable and enjoyable.

While we’re not saying The Plastic Dots weren’t enjoyable, the configuration of psychedelic elements, fused with both past and present on Moore’s debut track, creates a much more professional and enjoyable feel, from the at times, amateurism of The Plastic Dots.

I Wouldn’t Change For You falls somewhere in between, Foxygen and Television on Marquee Moon. The gentle glides of the 70’s psychedelic found in Foxygen, flows effortlessly across the entire track, while some signs of Television’s, Marquee Moon tracks Venus and Elevation, can be felt from the occasional rise in pace of the glistening guitar tones.

I Wouldn’t Change For You is a perfectly placed track for the delights, of summer days, spent roaming around the globe, listening to delightful psychedelic, that is impossible not to enjoy. Plus it’s a free download, so there’s no excuse to not have this track on repeat throughout the warmer months.

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