Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of posts on Velvet since the start of the year. There has been no shortage of great music to use that as an excuse.

Secondly I would like to apologise to all of the submissions I haven’t looked at, that may now be months old.

Personally, I have not been myself. I haven’t been able to write, I’ve barely been able to function normally.

I have been suffering with my mental health for quite some time now, but now is the time that I am mending myself, building myself back up to who I really am.

I would like to guarantee regular posting, but I can’t right now.

Posting is going to become more frequent, but I don’t want to make an empty promises.

Hopefully, Velvet will get back to normal soon, as there is so much great music coming out, and so much to catch up on.

Thank you to everyone who is still submitting music, making music, listening to the music.

Thank you for still visiting this ghost town of a site. I promise, myself and Velvet are both on the mend.

Doyle Smith


One thought

  1. I hope everything turns out well with you. It’s perfectly fine to take some time off to sort your life out. Best wishes!! x


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