Is Tropical – Black Anything Pt. 2

The second part of Is Tropical’s third LP, Black Anything, comes in the form of Cruise Control and Say.

The second of Is Tropical’s 5 parts of Black Anything, summons up a further wave of electronic fusions and graceful lyrics, with Cruise Control following the path of Crawl, while Say jolts the emotionally doomed, On My Way.

On Cruise Control, the notion of cruise control, being able to relieve the control over the pace is essential, as the electronics on the track are a constant change, but remain on the same premiss of Is Tropical’s recognisable indietronica, with some links to the harsher electronics of Crystal Castles and the lighter pop elements of The Naked & Famous. With the flip side Say, softer productions with simple acoustics and manipulated sound effects, creating a synthetic approach to the classic, acoustic piece of any album. Kirstie’s vocals remain as beautiful as ever, effortlessly gliding along each track, especially Say, where her tone and melody transcends into a mesmerizing daydream.

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