Palace – Kiloran

Just as the spring brings in new life to the bitterness of the winter, Palace provide a jubilant arise to the season of sun ahead, with their latest track Kiloran.

With the birth of Kiloran, comes the birth of Palace’s claim to being the heroes indie music has needed for some time. On their debut EP Lost In The Night, Palace summoned an almost forgotten genre back to life, reverberating the cool crescendos of blues rock, transmuted with modern indie rock, to recreate the 60’s in the mid 10’s.

Now On Kiloran, they’re amplifying the wonderment of their debut EP, with sun drenched blues tones, that shake violently before relaxing until the next jolt of indie rock electricity is amplified into scaling riffs and bold hooks. The rise and dips in tempo on Kiloran are the true claim to perfection of Palace, as structurally they fit together in complete unison, gentle falling into calmer moments, where a steady drum beat is all you need to be transported to the place of your dreams.

Once again, the London based four piece are bringing the sun-tinged riffs of the magical 60’s, the intricate performances of the 80’s and the creativity of the 21st century altogether, for a display grander than London’s Olympic opening.

Taken from the upcoming EP Chase The Light, (out June 8th) Kiloran is available right now on iTunes.

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