Autobahn – Beautiful Place To Die

The Leeds band return once again, with a slice of post punk perfection, in the form of Beautiful Place To Die.

Following on from their second self titled EP, Beautiful Place To Die puts together the final clue, that Autobahn are really the third part of the Badwan family of musicians. With vocals that resonate an early Faris Badwan, circa Primary Colours, and the husk, punk growls of younger brother Tarik, Beautiful Place To Die revives the goth rock madness of The Badwan family, illuminated with the iridescent lights of their cult themed shows. Composed up of recurring motifs of snarling hooks, whaling riffs in the chorus and lyrics tainted with the anger of menacing punk yells, Beautiful Place To Die leaves us all with only question to ask. When is the bloody album going to be announced? The only possible hint so far is the extra info found in the link of the song. (We’ve put it below this for you!)

AUTOBAHN – Dissemble
The Nave ≈ 01/15
21st August 2015

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