Jaws – Bad Company

Jaws? This is punk music? This can’t be Jaws?

The B-town indie pop group, have gone to the dark side on their new track Bad Company and it’s startling to say the least, especially when you consider that their debut EP’s cover, was an ice cream float.

On Bad Company, instead of glistening, summery pop synths being the usual opening melody, a whaling guitar riff followed by a sludgy bass hook desiccates any possible remnants of their bright eyed past. As Connor Schofield, switches in between his regular breaks of softer sung verse and energetic, elongated choruses, it’s the raw grunge feel of Alex Hudson’s guitar work that truly amplifies Schofield’s vocals with the power of the 90’s definitive genre, as Bad Company resonates the grunge/punk styles of newcomers Tigercub and Dracula Legs.

Bad Company is out June 8th through Rattlepop.

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