Maybe The Moon – The Noise

The third track from this LA duo, The Noise follows on from their debut single Two Birthdays, with nostalgic synth tones, that bring a sense to classic video game music.

If you’re a fan of the Metal Gear games, then the ambience created on The Noise, re-amplifies the evanescent nostalgia from the hit game series, with an ever so familiar┬áthird eye presence, coming from Maybe The Moon’s music. ┬áThe essence of unease at this duos elongated synth hooks, that gradually grow into spiralling waves of harsh, short electronic buzzes, is an alluring feature of The Noise, as has been with Maybe The Moon’s previous release Hammer See Nails. This duo’s balance of soaring, angelic vocals, mixed together with satirical electronics, that bewilder the comfort felt from Karmen Kimball’s voice, has remained intriguing across all of their tracks to date. It will be interesting to see this duo, possibly interpellate this balance of safety and unease onto a faster paced track. But for now, enjoy the state of content, malcontentedness, that is Maybe The Moon.

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