Munich – Drifts Away

Prepare yourself, then prepare yourself again. Munich’s debut track will put any currently emerging band’s to shame.

For any new band, a killer debut track is a must. In this day and age of finding new bands online, who record in a basement, with five likes on facebook, spewing out some of the best music you’ve heard in your life, it’s not just the local competition new bands need to be worrying about anymore. Munich have embraced the modern era of ‘the great unknowns’, seizing the greatest factors of some of the 21st century’s biggest stars.

If you think of LA big guns The Neighbourhood, Drifts Away will sound like a lost track from their debut LP. Just as The Neighbourhood initially began as a rock group (then turning towards pop and r’n’b), Munich’s original format, (as indie rock group Elephant), focused upon heavy rock riffs, fuelled with punk energy. Now under the name of Munich, the rock has changed into an Editors third album brand, also taking influence from the 90’s with nu-pop rhythms and r’n’b beats.

With this in mind, Drifts Away has a clear split in its persona. In the beginning, you have the 90’s nu-pop, r’n’b styles battling out, before the rapturous onslaught of rapid fire drum beats and wa-wa guitar notes seizes the earliest elements of Munich’s rock fuelled past. It’s an almost bizarre fusion that works absolutely perfectly. It sounds like a anthemic, indie rock song, yet feels like a ready made, pop hit. The best of both worlds truly.

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