Ryan E Weber – The Lights in the Sands of Katumpkale

An experimental take upon pop and classical styles, Ryan E Webers, The Lights in the Sands of Katumpkale (TLITSOK), is truly an awe inspiring production.Lasting less than ninety seconds, TLITSOK sounds like the opening piece to a BBC crime drama. With a selection of string arrangements pieced together to create a voluptuous melody, that beckons to the composers of the late 18th century, Weber’s style pays homage to the delicate intensity found in orchestral, classical music, while remaining illusive from the style commonly found on BBC radio three. Weber’s influences from electronica, slowly seep their way into TLITSOK towards the ending, as a true fusion of the classical productions of the 18th century and the modern pieces of the 21st century onwards combine for an engrossing display of post-modern, classical-pop.

Ryan E Weber’s second LP: Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Sirens Sing Swan Songs, is out through Hidden Shoal on July 16th.

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