Trails and Ways – Say You Will

Unaware of their track Skeleton, it’s fair to say I was rather excited to hear this Oakland band have returned to the scene, with their album Pathology out for this summer as well.

With a silence of two years since their track Nunca back in 2013, Trails and Ways take on pop music hasn’t been lost, as their recent track Say You Will provides the pop perfection that I personally, have been craving from the Oakland band. Amplified with a psychedelic groove in the choruses, Say You Will practices similar vibes felt of Liverpudlian psych-pop group All We Are, as well as the more recognised pop features of Foster The People. With steady funk hooks powering the verses alongside a recurring drum/snap beat, Say You Will fills the two year gap of Trails and Ways quite happily.

Trails and Ways debut LP, Pathology, is out June 2nd through Barsuk Records.

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