Max and the Moon – Actor

The third single from the LA based pop makers, Actor is perfectly balanced in its spontaneity and indie-pop prowess, so it’d be easy to hook it onto any California based TV show.

maxIt’s easy to say any pop song is ready to accompany a TV show (I mean we say that enough on here), but with a song titled Actor, with an opening chorus line of “You’re just an actor crying at a party”, Actor truly embodies the essence of what life in California truly is for any aspiring artist (or so I imagine). Eternally hopeful and vibrantly optimistic, Actor hooks itself on joyous riffs and stimulating electronic melodies; ranging from the slightest ripple in the verses, to a seismic shifting tsunami in the choruses and closing verse. With all of Actor’s musical outputs drawn together with the buoyancy of any bidding LA artist, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the self-aware lyrics of Actor and Max and the Moon’s sanguine attitude.

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