Autobahn – Immaterial Man + debut album announcement

So finally after what seems like an eternity, Autobahn have finally announced their debut LP Disassemble, with new single Immaterial Man taking charge as the lead single.

With the extra info from the last track (Beautiful Place To Die) basically telling everyone when their album would be out, the only question left to ask now, is what else can Autobahn give us in the three months that lies between now and August 21st. With two EPs and now two singles (we expect Beautiful Place To Die will feature on the LP), it’s possible Disassemble may become an album we’ve already heard with a couple of extra tracks thrown in (a punk version of Superfood’s LP anyone?).

But moving on from the potential punk album/flop of the year, Immaterial Man provides much more support for the first statement, even fighting for attention in a punk scene as vibrant as Leeds. They may have to outscore Eagulls debut LP, but with Autobahn’s Horror’s-esq take on punk, especially on Immaterial Man, it won’t be a challenge. A crossover between meticulous riffs and savage power chords, Immaterial Man is a goth in disguise as a punk, or the otherway around, we can’t really decide. Seizing the punk elements before it’s volcanic choruses with repeating riffs and almost light synth sounds, Immaterial Man is a true depiction of what punk music can truly become, when a moments thought is placed into the production. It breaks the norms of both pop and ‘punk’.

It defies pop with riffs and hooks deeper than the Mariana Trench, yet defies ‘punk’ by allowing a sense of accessibility to lighter indie/rock fans. If punk is to provide an alternative form of art (in terms of music) to the masses, then Autobahn can confirm their places as punk’s newest leaders.

Autobahn’s Debut LP, Disassemble is out August 21st through Tough Love Records.

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