INHEAVEN – Regeneration

Ignore the fact that we’re two months late to this track, because it’s insanely good okay?

You know those tracks that you imagine you’ll look back on in your 30’s when you think about your teen years, and you see wild nights with friends underlined with that one song? Well Regeneration is that song. Think of FANS and you’re nearly there. It’s The Strokes meet those punk kids who never leave the garage stage. It’s an anthem for the youth of everywhere. “I don’t want to bring you down, I just want to fuck around, I’m bored with my generation”. It’s every teenager that’s ever lived. We’re too cool to care, but caring is all we do, so INHEAVEN decided to load up the reverb, blast out power chords, yell out a chorus that would happily resonate for decades to come, giving everyone what they needed. A song that says fuck everything, because we know you can’t do anything at all. Get mad, get loose, be young, be free, live in your generation.

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