Quigley – Beginning Of Anything

Fresh faced electronic beats, meet pristine pop verses on Quigley’s (Casey Carlson) Beginning Of Anything, a four minute wonder that’s almost as bold as her eyebrows.

quigley 2

A bonus track taken from her debut EP Initium, Beginning Of Anything feels unrealistically optimistic, as if the world Quigley lives in is surrounded by a separate atmosphere, that perpetuates nothing but positivity. The positivity from influences such as chillwave hero Washed Out are a key setting, as the constant soft electronica tones, could easily be slowed down by about 10% to match the tempo of Amor Fati almost, for an effortlessly spaced out effect. With this in mind, Quigley has perfectly implemented the chillwave vibes of Washed Out together with the faster and somewhat harsher pulses of Scottish group Chvrches, while fusing the delicate vocals of Young Karin’s, Karin Sveinsdóttir, with the chart ready rises of London duo IYES, producing a track that balances subtle influences together with bigger self determination.

A season of influences and familiarities can be linked to Quigley, but what separates her from the rising crowd of electronica/pop stars, is her unusual optimistic tone throughout all of her tracks. While most under these familiar genres are describing the darkest of times, a new light of hope shines bright with Quigley. Let’s hope that her eyebrows don’t cut it off (I’m sorry but I had to).

Quigley’s debut EP, Initium is out now.

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