Max and the Moon – Turbulent

The final track taken from their self titled EP, Turbulent provides the final burst of energy that The 1975’s Pressure had on their debut LP.

It’s inescapable to make the comparison to The 1975. While the Mancunian outfit may have a different sound in terms of being more rock based, Max and the Moon’s similarities, draw from the exuberant energy both bands demonstrate on all of their tracks, especially Turbulent.

Described as a song to perpetuate any form a relationship, that has seen its best days far gone, Turbulent is a self-proclaimed, post-relationship banger. With a mixture of aggressive bass growls, on top of a range of synthetic electronic samples, it’s as systematic as Max and the Moon could have finished their debut EP with. A completed set, filled with guitar riffs, snarly bass hooks, rapid firing synth tones and vocals that are deemed unchallengeable by any current front-man, ┬áTurbulent provides the abrupt awakening that Max and the Moon have had planned for some time.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and stream the entire EP as it’s truly a delight for the ears. (We’ll put it down below, so you don’t forget).

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