Foals – What Went Down

There comes a time in every bands life, when they make the move to change their sound completely. It comes in parts or all at once, but a change in sound generally means one of two things. A sign of growth, expanding from their origins. Or a last big bang before the lights are turned off forever.

It’s no big surprise when you analyse Holy Fire, that Foals have become more adjacent to their classic-rock sounds, moving away from the intricate work of their math-rock beginnings, now stepping into the muddy waters of grunge and punk rock, shown previously on Inhaler and Providence. Where Inhaler still provided some aspect of Foals’ popping math-rock riffs, What Went Down provides nothing of the sought, releasing an onslaught of meticulous hooks, that bellow deeply in unison with Yannis’ newly found aggressive demeanour, where the only breaks come in the build ups to the continuous attack lead by Yannis’ growls.

As aggressive and distant as What Went Down is in comparison to previous Foals releases, the Oxford band have still managed to place their trademark sound into their latest punk filled track. A possible sign for the sound of their fourth album, What Went Down will either be the leader of Foals punk revolution, or become another small step towards Foals’ ever-looming end.

What Went Down (out 28.8.15) is available to preorder via Foals’ website with the tracklist as follows:

1. What Went Down
2. Mountain At My Gates
3. Birch Tree
4. Give It All
5. Albatross
6. Snake Oil
7. Night Swimmers
8. London Thunder
9. Lonely Hunter
10. A Knife In The Ocean

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