GLEAM – Fake

Lo-fi. Check. Indie rock/grunge vibe. Check. Brit rock vibe. Check. 

Three categories that can pretty much make certain you’ll gather some form of attention in the indie world, Birmingham’s Gleam utilise this recently crazed coalition from other B-town bands such as Superfood and Wide Eyed (R.I.P {which Jake [vocals] and Tommy [lead guitar] both started in}).

Compared to Isn’t Real, Fake summons up a clearer, more thought out sound, as the lo-fi elements are a lot less apparent, as the bass hooks can be heard and the vocals are understandable now. With that in mind, it’s easy to get lost in Fake’s crashing drum beats and classic guitar riffs, when a combination of The Vaccines, Superfood and Torches creates a parallel universe where squealing riffs are the only sound to be heard. Get ready to drop your head down to the floor in a grunge filled, disregard for conventional head banging, as you absorb Tommy’s guitar work and sway endlessly.

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