Holy ’57 – Island Kids

A journey throughout a day in the tropical vista of the Caribbean, Island Kids is Holy ’57’s bid for the feel good song of the summer.

Upon my first listen, I thought I’d accidentally pressed play on Milo Greene’s 1957, with a strikingly similar opening vibe. It’s not until the wave of indie pop/groove guitar hooks roll in like the beautifully blue waves of the Gulf of Mexico, that Holy ’57 (Alex Mankoo) transports you into his geographical, musical experience.

Self-described as a journey throughout a day in the Caribbean, Island Kids perfectly connotates notions of early morning breakfast on the beach, before coasting along the island breathing in the fresh sea air, as a combination of steel drums, bongos and many other sorts of percussion, on top of the constant rolling bass grooves create the picture perfect dream, of a sun drenched paradise.

Island Kids release date is expected towards the end of July as well as the accompanying music video.

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