Cherry Glazerr – Sip ‘O Poison

Youth is power, youth is anger, youth is revolution. Youth is Cherry Glazerr and their insatiable new track, Sip ‘O Poison.

It seems almost degrading, when referencing a band’s members age as being a key factor as a reason for startling accreditation towards them. However with Cherry Glazerr, the band’s age is astonishing low. Singer Clementine Creevy is a mere eighteen years old and already on Sip ‘O Poison she’s summoning the power that booms through Jehnny Beth’s punk rock with Savages, (during Creevy’s beastly screeches), Karen O’s classic demeanour and the highly contagious indie rock tone of Pins frontwoman, Faith Holgate, during Poison’s ‘ooo’ moments.

But comparing Cherry Glazerr to other female lead groups,┬áprovides no sense of justice towards the raw energy felt from Hannah’s ferocious drum beats, Sean’s gritty, snared, reverb overloaded bass tones and of course, Clementine’s ambiguous vocals.

Transferring the undecipherable nature of lo-fi, to the dark, aggressive production of punk, Cherry Glazerr haven’t just gained comparison to the likes of the indie/punk worlds leading females for nothing. They’ve shown how a group of youngsters can startle everyone with an impressive change of pace, challenging the punk scenes leading forces (Savages, Iceage, Eagulls, Autobahn to name a few), without even breaking a sweat.

Cherry Glazerr are ready to destroy the patriarchy that is the indie music scene. (Viva La Glazerr!)

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