Welcoming… Lovegun

Lovegun, aka, Mario Borgatta & Steve Pagano, is the latest in LA’s line of new pop dreamers, who make mainstream friendly music that everyone can enjoy, despite their sides in the music world (charts Vs the indies).


Lovegun’s sound focuses upon upbeat, cheery, tongue ‘n’ cheek lyrics that echo the likes of Essex band The Computers. On one of their first two tracks, There She Was, a cross between Al Kershaw’s slick swagger, and slight electronic beats, that remain consistently on a high leading to a track that is blissfully obvious for any starting LA band, but sides more towards the mark of potential hit makers Max and the Moon, in the idea that Lovegun’s LA sounds, in closer analyse, breaks away from the LA scene.

On their second track No Weight, the exuberance of Passion Pits’ never ending bursts of electro pop energy, explodes into a multi layered piece, spanning a mere two and a half minutes, but mustering enough excitement to lead first time listeners to become future hardcore fans.

Equally on upcoming singles, Funk You and Lucy, Lovegun focus upon utilising a stream of glowing electronic hooks that burst with the life of LA’s youthful music scene.

  • What can I expect?

American swagger, mixed with the tongue ‘n’ cheek of the UK and mainstream pop

  • When will they release new stuff?

Funk You is out for everyone to hear July 21st

  • Where can I find their music?

Soundcloud or Bandcamp, but you can be very generous and donate to the band on Bandcamp…

  • Will I like them

Why bloody not? They’re fun, upbeat and easy to dance along to. For fans of: The Computers, Passion Pit, FUN

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