LoveGun – Lucy/Funk You

The LA duo of Mario Borgatta & Steve Pagano follow up from their first releases; No Weight and There She Was, with the stunning Lucy and the grooving Funk You.

Similarly as previous single No Weight, Passion Pit’s jubilant pop energy is present, with a blending of the likes of The 1975, Max and the Moon and slight tints of The NBHD. With a chorus sung in a completely higher octave providing Lucy with a fresh burst of energy from the constant electro-drum beats; LoveGun’s lyrics resonate to a chart-worthy pop song that is attentive without being complex.

Funk You on the other side of LoveGun’s lyrical proclamations, is more tongue ‘n’ cheek, with the playful chorus hook of “I just want to funk you”. Steadily carried across its sub-three minute running time, Funk You provides a sense of whimsy and light hearted fun to a band whose pop music already reflects the brightest, upbeat factors of their genre.

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