Skin & Bones – Bad Feeling

Sit down, buckle up and brace yourself for this LA duo. Combining blues, folk, country and rock for a sound that’s between a crossover of Editors’ Tom Smith and Frank Turner, Taylor Borsuk and Peter Blackwelder’s Bad Feeling is a true masterpiece.

Instantly with Skin & Bones, the thought of a duo comprised of mainly a guitar and a violin is a strange prospect and doesn’t come across as being as exciting as it should. Bad Feeling is a hybrid of blues-rock and folk, readily loaded with an insanely mesmerising guitar hook that switches between jumping strings for riffs and sliding chords, before Taylor’s warm vocals conjure up an amplified tone similar to George Ezra’s, filled with greater maturity, sounding seasoned and perfected.

Taylor’s guitar playing and vocals are only half the magic on Bad Feeling however (literally). Peter’s violin work is quite simply, beautiful. When pieced together with Taylor’s guitar work, Peter’s violin magically boosts Bad Feeling to a entirely different realm. It’s a truly beautiful piece from this LA duo, yet beautiful sounds unfitting for such a fast paced, body shaking track. Let’s call it beautifully insane.

Bad Feeling is a free download via Skin & Bones soundcloud, while on the youtube link below, you can here a second track from the LA duo, the beautifully pieced together, Fire.

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