Zola Blood – Play Out

With a name such as Zola Blood, it’s hard to not want to hear what this London band has to offer and their latest track Play Out, lives up to their unusual name.

A crossfire between indie pop and electronica, Zola Blood’s electronica finds similarities with the likes of Son Lux and Georgia. Deeply set in dark toned, track-pad beats, Play Out becomes more lively the further you progress in, with more pieces combining to create an amalgamation of electronic soundscapes that stand on the edge of sub genres, such as chillwave, house and dark-pop.

In comparison to Zola Blood’s earlier tracks, Grace and Meridian, Play Out begins to move away from the friendlier, indie pop rhythm that this London band began with, now moving onto, heavier, deeper set electronica, that will leave you in a post-house trance.

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