Fidlar – Drone

Comparing anything that sounds remotely like Wavves is so 2012 and Fidlar are never ones to ‘play by slacker rules’. Naming their second album ‘Too’ and releasing slacker rock that sounds completely un-slackerish and completely slackerish at the same time, in the form of their latest single Drone.

You could describe Fidlar as slacker-rock, but then that wouldn’t justify the energy, the guts and the screaming guitar riffs that go into their songs. On Drones, Fidlar are as Fidlar as ever (whatever that means, you choose), Zach still sings and waaaaah’s while Elvis nails face melting riffs and solos, Brandon carries the hook for bass junkies everywhere and Max still can’t surf. Drone is a complete opposite to the governmentally challenging LP Drones, from MUSE. Instead we have two and a half minutes of pure, unadulterated, crack infused (okay maybe not crack infused) rock, instead of overblown nonsense.

Too is out September 4th through MOM+POP records and to get straight to the track, skip to 1:04

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