Mammabear – The Strange Love EP (Kick Me/Strange Love)

Coming out of Atlanta, Georgia, Mammabear’s style of Brit pop-rock meets LA lo-fi, is an instant ear pleaser for fans of loud guitars and Christopher Owens.

Mammabear aren’t just a heavier take on the now disbanded group Girls. The volume on both tracks featured on The Strange Love EP (Kick Me and Strange Love) are completely over the top in the best way possible. The LA lo-fi influence is apparent, but unlike most, Mammabear don’t allow reverb to drown out their sound. Instead they use as little lo-fi as possible to create an almost new-sound for lo-fi. Lo-lo-fi if you will.

This makes for an almost alien sound for a lo-fi styled track, because you can hear and understand the lyrics.

On Kick Me, while guitars are screeching and blasting every fuse in their amps, the vocals are still tangible, making Kick Me immediately more enjoyable than most lo-fi tracks.

Equally on Strange Love, an engorging chorus of Strange Love repeated with the same riff doesn’t feel drap anymore. It sounds fresh, exciting, different, just as lo-fi rock did back in the 2000’s.

Strange Love and Kick Me are both available via the band’s, bandcamp, while Kick Me has an accompanying video that tickles your funny bone with it’s coy, unlucky lover tale.

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