That update I promised for the 13th…

By now if you’re a regular viewer, you’ll know that time flies over my head.

So, as you may have noticed this year, there has been a lack of:

  • Album reviews
  • EP reviews
  • Welcoming posts
  • Political debates
  • Letters to Russia
  • Penguins
  • Blockbuster Entertainment

To make up for this incredible injustice, I’m planning a month of album and EP reviews for September, titled Spin in September (or SIS, or something more catchy). The reviews will be shorter however, around 100-250 words. This way I can catch up with the years LP’s and EP’s and also finally review a lot of submissions I’ve missed or forgotten about.

Also, this part is rather important.

From now on, we (I mean I) will only be accepting submissions through and twitter. Any other forms (if there are any) will go unread as they will simply get lost. This is largely due to my personal email address being flooded with work emails, university emails, spam and then music submissions. For your own sake, email us at the above address, I’ll write it below just in case.

Now for the final parts:

During SIS, I’ll be aiming for 5-10 album/EP posts a week.

I’d like to thank you in advance for 20,000 views (we’re only about 300-400 away), it still confuses me how anyone found this site in the first place.

And finally, I may potentially be looking for a second writer (purely to provide more content for everyone). If I do advance with this decision however, it will be purely for experience only, as I don’t have the income to provide someone with a salary. Sorry.

So who knows, come November (which will be two years of Velvet), we may actually become a we!

Peace and love,

Velvet VVV

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