TRAAMS – Succulent Thunder Anthem + Modern Dancing

Move over Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video, TRAAMS have managed to squeeze as many indie bands as possible into their video for their latest single, Succulent Thunder Anthem.

With the likes of Nai Harvest, Menace Beach, Tigercub, Honeyblood and The Wytches to name a few, featuring in Traams’ new video, it’s a succulent piece of indie nirvana, for two minutes and fifty-one seconds.

Following on from their Cissa EP from last year, Succulent Thunder Anthem continues to show Traams moving forward, still focusing on their post punk sound, but easing of the early lo-fi recordings. Now we are introduced to a matured version of Giddy or Cissa, with even more howling guitars and yelled vocals, that are understandable now and also show the band’s change in mood, as the guitars resonate the dry, heavy pace of punk, but the lyrics show a lighter side to the post punk band: “You know my friends, you know my friends, you’re all so strange, you’re all so strange”.

Succulent Thunder Anthem is available to stream below, while Traams second LP, Modern Dancing will be out November 13th.

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