Welcoming… Michael McArthur

It’s a cross between perfect music to serenade someone and perfect music to fully immerse yourself into afterwards with coffee.

Singer songwriters always have a difficult time making their music stand out (largely because they all try to sound like Ed Sheeran), but fortunately for Michael McArthur, he’s found his own muse; personalising his guitar work with the heat of salsa, infusing the cool styles of jazz into his vocals and other featured instrumentation.

On tracks Magnolia and Running Around, the visual image of a roaring fire as Michael’s music plays beneath a starlit sky is unshakeable, with each track loaded with a slew of enticing guitar work and Michael’s delicate yet powerful vocals, amplifying the intensity of each track tenfold.

While on Lightning Nights, Michael slows down his pacing for a less intense passion, that flows casually across its near four minute running time, with blissful chords, sliding hooks and softly played drum beats that allow Lightning Nights to provide a release from the roaring fires of Magnolia and Running Around, creating a candlelit dream that’s perfect in any way imaginable.

Listening to Michael’s LP Magnolia, it’s almost shocking how naturally the passion felt on his tracks flow out into your own self. Immersing yourself into any of Michael’s track from his previous releases or his current LP, could very well lead to a night of intense proportions.

  • What can I expect?

Barista flavoured pop music, that carries the flare of salsa inspired rhythms

  • When will they release new stuff?

New stuff is currently being worked on, while Magnolia is currently out with hard copies available directly from Michael’s website (we’ll pop it down below)

  • Where can I find their music?

Soundcloud, but once you’ve checked out Michael’s soundcloud, purchase his work, we’d highly recommend it

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: The Wooden Sky, Cold War Kids, Samm Henshaw and people with beards (possibly a joke?)

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