Holy ’57 – Au Naturel

I’m currently using my universities library computers, so hopefully I’ll be able to queue some posts for you all.

Anyway, onto the real reason you come here, music! Holy ’57’s second single from his upcoming EP, H has been out for a few days and we’re big fans.

Following on from Island Kids, Au Naturel progresses on with Alex Mankoo’s sun drenched indie rock, this time with reverb layered vocals and faster paced guitars quickening the island paradise that Mankoo seems to be able to capture so perfectly. With Island Kids, we were treated to a lazy stroll around an island, experiencing the rays and breezy lifestyle of Caribbean life. Now with Au Naturel, we’re the excited teenagers who have longed for their summer/weekend/five minutes of fun, storming head first into the sea, before erupting into further energy filled fun. It may not be summer in the northern hemisphere, but for the southern hemisphere (and just fans of upbeat, indie pop), Au Naturel’s got you covered for the upcoming months (his EP is out October 26th also, so peak time for you Australian’s and Brazilian’s!).

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