Lea Porcelain – A Year From Here

Frankfurt’s calling and it says Lea Porcelain are ready to become global.

lea lea

You may remember Lea Porcelain from the beginning of the year, with their hypnotic debut track, Similar Familiar, a dark, post-punk race that amplified progressive rhythms of reverb and twisted sound sculptures. Now eight months on, the Frankfurt duo’s latest track couldn’t be any more different if it tried.

An effortlessly breezy guitar that’s hooked on repeat for the entirety of the song, opens Lea Porcelain to a clear picture, where their sound corruption is altered into an ambient backdrop, rather than a dystopic bellow. It’s dreamy and light, while still retaining their post-punk haze, Lea Porcelain have shown that you don’t have to sound completely perturbed to still live in the post-punk bubble.


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