Spares – Not Enough

Only one thought comes to mind. Keep this on repeat.

Remember when a track would come on the radio, brand new, and from a never before heard of band that just erupted out of nowhere? Well Not Enough isn’t just a burst of energy that’s going to make every teen and pre-adult get rowdy and insane, it’s a certified crowd stealer.

Linking them towards Circa Waves and the current indie-pop/rock crowd, then you’re getting on the right tracks. This Liverpudlian group aren’t exactly as indie pop as their fellow groups, rather a boisterous grasp on punk rock (or proto punk rock as they say on soundcloud) that lends an ear to a holster, loaded with influences from Cage The Elephant, Baby Strange, Tribes (RIP), The 1975 to The Clash.

Not Enough is a gut bursting track, that has the effect of a gunshot to the head rather than a gut shot. It’s instant, a sheer blast of chaos, louder than you could ever imagine, and over before you can even blink. With a blistering two and a half minutes, Spares manage to get every guitar chord progression you could recognise in and ignite them with a passion that instantly gratifies their traditional punk rock tones.

So if you can think of any group in the past twenty-thirty years that have ignited the indie rock scene, then get ready to add Spares onto your list.

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