Holy ’57 – H, EP

If summer songs are what you want, then H should fill your head with fonder memories of the warmer months just gone.We’ve been highly anticipating the release of Holy ’57’s debut EP since we featured Alex Mankoo’s first track Island Kids back in June and now in the chills of mid autumn (fall), H sets out to remind us that you don’t need the sun to recreate your summer (although it helps).

With the opener of The Tennis Club (Of Bombay), Mankoo’s changes again from the original chilled out island beats, to fast paced, indie rock riffs, now to melodic, post-shoegaze guitar swirls that sit alongside Zulu Winter on their debut LP. It’s a short two minutes that manages to travel from one plain to the other, beginning as a harmonious, peaceful opening, before closing with crashing drum beats, multi layered with indie pop hooks and the continued voice over, for a feel closer to a joining of The 1975 and Zulu Winter.

Then we’re greeted with Mankoo’s two released tracks from the EP, Island Kids and Au Naturel, two complete contrasts in pacing, but drawn together by H’s theme of summer fun. It’s H’s closer Savanna that truly ignites this EP with an exuberant energy that perfectly captures the night-time of a summer’s night.

Starting almost as The Tennis Club does, during its first few seconds, Savanna sounds like a mirrors image of the EP’s opener. However once Savanna swings into full motion during its chorus, a crashing force of indie guitars blast out of nowhere, with the power of The Maccabees, Palma Violets and anymore you could possibly think of.

Savanna sets H into full motion. Rather than being a few songs put together to be released, Savanna guides H to being a fully realised idea. The crashing waves of summer, the energetic rise of the morning and the jubilant ending of the night. Savanna sets H to become a milestone in Holy ’57’s career, rather than another standard EP release.


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